Our Mission: We seek to invest in leading market-based solutions that address pressing global problems, at scale, without trading financial for social returns.

As one of the first lower middle market firms to launch a dedicated impact investment strategy, TZP is committed to building and scaling mission-driven companies where we believe there is the potential for both long-term economic value and positive societal impact. Our capital is deployed in both majority buyout and minority growth equity transactions where we can bring the broader resources of the TZP platform to drive meaningful and sustainable growth for our portfolio companies.


Leveraging the firm’s historical expertise in business services, technology, and consumer products and services, TZP Impact invests across both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sectors where there is a clear opportunity to contribute positively to the world through social and/or environmental initiatives.

  • We seek to create a livable world and a world worth living in
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) 4, 8, 10 – our “theory of change” – seeks to invest in lever points along the trajectory of what we believe are one of the biggest social problems of our time: Education, Employment, and Financial Inclusion
  • UN SDGs 9 and 12 – build on the firm’s expertise and capabilities to drive long-term environmental sustainability: Ethical Consumerism and Sustainable Infrastructure


We define Impact Investing as “an investment strategy where the world positive value is delivered via its product or service, aligned to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal and measurable against specific outcomes.”

TZP Impact employs a rigorous and pragmatic impact management and measurement approach, as defined by the following criteria:

  • WHAT: Core business model aligned with one or more UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • WHO: Ultimate end customer population (B2B, B2C, or B2B2C) is underserved, as defined by demographics, race, geographics, and socioeconomics
  • HOW: Ability to define, track and measure outcomes
  • CONTRIBUTION: Creating positive outcomes – lowering cost, expanding access, improving quality – through a product or service, which ultimately makes the business stronger and improves the bottom line
  • RISK: No negative externalities


  • TZP is a Principles for Responsible Investment signatory
  • TZP is an Impact Management Project signatory